Lightworkers: Grow your mailing list

Lightworkers need an easy way to get in touch with their customers. With a method of communication, you can let clients know about new products or services you’re offering, give clients discounts and other incentives to make an appointment and strengthen the relationship that you already have with them.

Online marketers often talk about the value in the mailing list because it is your direct link to existing sales. So how do you go about building a mailing list if you don’t already have one? There are a number of ways, but the way that will work best for you depends upon who your clients and customers are. If you want people to give you their email address, you first must understand what you’re asking for from the customer or client’s perspective.

Your email address is personal information. Giving it out means you’re opening the floodgates to allow someone to send you information anytime they want. If you have an email account, you know how annoying it can be to receive useless junk email, so you have to give customers and clients a reason to trust that you won’t add to the junk messages that they get every day. The second thing you need to remember is that there needs to be a fair exchange. You’re asking your clients to give you their personal information. What will you give them in return? There are many ways to answer that question.

You might give them an online newsletter that provides information about intuition, healing, astrology or another service that they’re interested in. You might tell them that you’ll send them coupons or promotions so that they can get discounted services. (If you tell them this, make sure you follow through. Align your business with principles of truth.) Another thing you might offer is a special download, such as an ebook, a report, an MP3 file or some other bit of information that will guide them in their lives.

Maybe you create a special guided meditation audio clip.Your offer can also take the form of a contest. If you’re participating in a holistic fair, for example, raffle off a free reading or healing service and tell people that they only need to provide their email address to enter the raffle. Once you have the email addresses, it’s important that you don’t abuse them. Don’t send people information that is unrelated to what they signed up for. Don’t send them messages too often.

There’s no absolute formula for determining how often to send a message but unless someone specifically signs up for a daily newsletter, once a week is probably the most often that you want to go. Finally, don’t give others access to your list unless your mailing list members give you permission to do so. Many businesses make money by selling their contacts to other companies, but as a conscious entrepreneur you want to honor the relationship that you have with your clients. The trust you cultivate with your clients is the greatest asset you have.

Growing and managing the list is the easy part, thanks to services like Aweber and Constant Contact. With each of these mailing list services you can collect email addresses and create newsletters, emails and others vehicles for communicating with your customers. Each will also let you try the service out for free so that you can determine whether it’s a good fit for you.

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