Do Freebies Lead to Paying Customers? We Say No

One of the biggest misconceptions many lightworkers have when starting a business is that you need to give services away for free in order to build a clientele. But does giving away free stuff really translate to paying customers?

Before answering that it helps to dig into the mindset of feeling that you must give something away for free. There is a belief there that you must prove your worth to potential customers. By giving them a free service, you are attempting to convince them that your product is worthy. Your hope is that they will try the free service and like it so much that they will later pay a lot of money for it. But is that really  likely?

I’m willing to bet that more often, if someone gets something for free, they are likely to want it for free again. At the very least, they aren’t likely to want to pay A LOT for it. They may even associate your product or service with being low cost or even worse, having little value.

Then there is another question. Is the person looking for the free service the client that you want?  Apply the law of attraction to your marketing efforts. You don’t want every client. You want the right clients. And since you have the power to determine the right clients for you, use that to your advantage.

Do you want clients who are looking for freebies or do you want clients who are willing to pay money for a service that they value? Those typically are not the same people. In many cases, the clients who are looking for freebies are low-hanging fruit. They may be easier to get your product or service in front of, but they aren’t necessarily going to be your most lucrative client.

It may take you a little longer to educate potential clients about your service and why it is valuable, but once you do that, you may make more money from those educated clients than you would have made from the people you offered your free service to.

If you want to offer someone a free service, it should be your best clients, not new ones. Once you have a few clients who are willing to pay for your services, use them to solicit other clients. Offer them a free service as a reward for referring new paying clients. That way, the new client gets accustomed to paying and the long-time loyal client (who will likely continue to buy your product or service) gets accustomed to being your biggest cheerleader. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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