How to fall back in love with your lightworker business

Lightworkers start businesses because they are passionate about what they do and feel a sense of purpose when they do it. However, those warm and fuzzy feelings aren’t guaranteed to stay. You may find yourself bored with your lightworker business, overwhelmed by the work and wondering why it’s no longer feeding your soul. In fact, if your business becomes out of alignment with your soul, you may be tempted to give it up altogether.

But luckily, you don’t have to take such drastic measures. In fact, you can fall back in love with your lightworker business and you can reconnect to the larger purpose that inspired you to start your business in the first place. The following strategies can help you to do so.

Go within. When you’re feeling disconnected, the best place to go is within. Lightworkers are inner-driven, not outer-driven. So competition and money may not motivate you the way purpose does. Get still and look to your favorite personal growth strategies. Maybe you fast or meditate. You might try journaling. Whatever practice helps you to get inner guidance, that’s the practice you want to turn to.

Stop, or at least slow it down. If you can take a break, do so. Time away from the business can not only give you a chance to re-energize yourself, but it can help you to gain some clarity about what you want to do next. If you can’t stop completely, figure out the least amount of work you need to do to get by and do that much for the next couple of weeks. Ask yourself whether you’ve been falling into the trap of doing ‘busy work.’ A popular myth among business owners is that busier is always better. Don’t fall for that trap.

Let visualization guide you. Visualization can help you to conjure in your mind’s eye the ideal client interaction. Visualize yourself making a difference and helping someone to improve some aspect of their life. Doing so calls upon the power of the Law of Attraction, which will lead you to inspirations, actions and experiences that will create that outcome.

Connect with your ideal clients. Who do you hope to serve with your business?  If you can find a way to spend some time with your ideal customers, it may remind you of the mission that drew you to your business in the first place.

Veer away from the rest of the crowd. It’s easy to get caught up in current fads, but are they really instrumental to your business? Contrary to what many online marketers say you DON’T have to be on Facebook. Sure, it could help your business, but if it isn’t something that feels in alignment with your soul, you’d be better off not doing it.

Be willing to let something go. What is it that has made your lightworker business less enjoyable? If certain work is unenjoyable, do you really have to do it? Is it something you can hire someone else to do, or can you nix it entirely? Would you rather offer a different type of product or service? You have the right to create a business that feels good to you and that feeds your soul. As you start to let go of the aspects that don’t fulfill you and maintain a connection to your higher self, you’ll begin to make your way back to your heart.

And you and your business will once again be on the same page.


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