Emergency yoga therapy: An opportunity for yoga practitioners

yogaIn order to run a successful lightworker business, it’s important to be on the lookout for new opportunities and trends that could impact one’s success. One such trend is the move toward emergency yoga therapy.

A report by CBS suggests that more and more people are turning to emergency yoga therapy as an alternative to urgent care centers and emergency room visits to handle pain. Yoga Therapy Clinics specialize in helping people to deal with minor aches and pains, as well as anxiety. Rather than waiting hours to see someone in an Emergency Room (and being exposed to all kinds of germs), many people are choosing instead the relaxing environment of yoga as a panacea.

For yoga practitioners, this news presents a number of opportunities. For one, you may be able to find work at a center that specializes in these types of services. It’s likely that such centers will hire independent yoga practitioners to work as contractors. Others may be looking for yoga practitioners to work part-time or even full-time if that’s what you’re looking for.

If there is no center near you, you may be the person to start one. Even if you don’t think you have the time or expertise to start an emergency yoga therapy clinic by yourself, there may be an opportunity for a group of yoga professionals to create a center together.

Finally, you can use the news of the growing popularity of these centers in your marketing materials. Continue to educate people about the benefits of yoga, and stress how it can be helpful for those who are struggling with minor health ailments. Companies may wish to hire yoga professionals to offer yoga to their employees as a benefit. Health centers may wish to hire yoga professionals to enhance the lives of their patients.

People are looking for holistic ways to feel better and live healthier. Make sure you’re on the forefront of that revolution.

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