Drop the middleman

I had drinks with an intuitive this weekend and the conversation invariably turned to business. She told me about her concerns that the owner of a metaphysical store she worked at was cutting back hours for readers. She also mentioned how another shop she did work for had recently shut down, taking with it all of the clients she had built up there over the years. She also works hotlines and she was eagerly waiting for her success rate to lead to her getting a higher percentage of the profits from them.

When I asked her about her plan for getting clients directly she looked at me blankly. She didn’t have one. While it makes sense for lightworkers to make use of hotlines, holistic health fairs and other vehicles to make money, the key to a successful and prosperous business is to have a channel for customers to find you directly. While metaphysical store owners and hotline companies will pay you a portion of what the client pays a direct connection to clients means you get to keep 100 percent of the profits. It also means you have more control over your work and your life. Some clients may experience your services through a metaphysical store but may prefer to subsequently seek you out directly or refer their friends to you. Give them a way to do so.  Otherwise, you’re just working to build someone else’s business.

There are a few things that every holistic practitioner should have, which will enable clients to find you and more easily sign up for your services:

—A Web site with easy-to-find contact information. It goes without saying that you should make sure emails through the site reach you quickly.

—A method for talking to clients virtually, whether it be via telephone, email chat or skype. Some services can be done remotely; in these cases, clients aren’t limited to your geographic area. Google Voice allows you to get a free business number that will direct calls to your phone so you don’t have to give out your personal number.

—A Paypal account. This allows you to service clients over the phone or virtually via Skype and get paid immediately. In fact, you should have clients pay via Paypal before you perform the service. Paypal will take a small percentage (2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction), but customers can pay you directly and can even use a credit card to make their payment. 

The business you build should be your own!


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  1. This is so important…This is why i don’t work with companies to book my services for what i can do myself. And proof for me that it worked last year was when i recently filed my taxes and realized i made more money than i did the prior year with less expenses and putting in less hours to make it. Cutting out the middle person worked for me because who other better than you can promote your business? If you have to ask yourself who is really looking out for your best interests in that matter then you should re-evaluate your life’s circumstances and make some immediate changes. I don’t enjoy the idea of someone else making a percentage of what i’m earning because they will always look out for their bottom line no matter what.

  2. I work for a small company trying to source perishable goods for our website. I am not talking about drop-shipping middlemen or anything like that. I want to offer small confectioners a lower rate to ship their products, which we would sell on our website. We sell the product, pay for the shipping, and the confectioner makes and ships the product. No small retailers seem to be interested in doing this, even though we take less of a cut (30% instead of 50%) and cover the shipping costs. Given the perishable nature of these products and the very short shelf life, why won’t they drop-ship for us?


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