Doreen Virtue Conversion: When Lightworkers Evolve

Doreen Virtue has recently sparked a lot of conversation in the metaphysical world. She’s made a name for herself among New Age followers, metaphysicians and pagans, teaching about everything from angels to ascended masters to fairies. In fact, she’s metaphysical publishing giant Hay House’s top-selling author. However, earlier this year, Virtue announced that she is now a born-again Christian and she’s basically giving up many of her previous teachings to provide an entirely different message.  The Doreen Virtue conversion has since caused outrage.

Doreen Virtue conversion

The response to the Doreen Virtue conversion has been swift. Many people feel betrayed, since Virtue is renouncing many of her former teachings, books and other products. Some feel that they’ve been led astray by Virtue. After all, they embraced her teachings only to find that the teacher has now moved on to a different message, leaving the earlier lessons behind.

Others have argued that Virtue is simply making the decision to target the Christian market and give up on the New Age/metaphysical market because she’s looking to make more money in Christianity. I’ve even seen people online talking about how they are burning Virtue’s cards and books since they’re obviously not coming from an authentic place, given Virtue’s recent actions.

However, just because Virtue is touting one message today doesn’t mean that she didn’t authentically feel tied to her earlier messages. It just means she has evolved. But does she have an obligation to her former students and customers?

What can lightworkers learn from the Doreen Virtue conversion?

How do lightworkers evolve when it means their beliefs and teachings have changed? How does it a affect a lightworker business if you’re no longer feeling drawn to the work you’ve been doing? Virtue has the right to be true to herself, as any lightworker does, but care must be taken to respect those people who were attracted to you throughout the entire journey.

While Virtue is now being drawn to the Christian market, renouncing the works that have helped her along the journey is a slap in the face to the people who have found guidance and comfort in those earlier works. It’s also a slap in the face to the metaphysical community that embraced Virtue and helped her to become a best-selling author in the first place.

As you grow your lightworker business, you have the right to evolve and move in a different direction. That’s one of the beautiful things about having your own business and being able to call the shots.doreen virtue

However, in order to remain a heart-centered business, you’ve got to be mindful of those who you are leaving behind. Don’t alienate your previous audience in order to attract a new one. While you may leave your former audience behind, show gratitude for every client, customer and student who you have met along the way.

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