Don’t forget the magical….

Sure business is about strategies and profits and customers. But lightworkers have an advantage over other business owners because we understand that magic is another ingredient in a successful endeavor. Yes magic, as in the power of belief and expectation and its ability to shape outcomes according to Universal Law.

Just as you should schedule time for marketing, customer service and accounting, you should schedule time for visualization, scripting (describing a situation as you’d like for it to be) and meditating on what’s most important to you as a lightworker business owner. Whatever your spiritual practice, you should be including it in your business to-do list.

While you can put a plan in place to attract customers, you can’t actually control whether customers will find you and buy your service or product. But if you understand the Law of Attraction, you can think about what it would be like to have those great customers and leave the actual manifestation up to Spiritual Law.

Looking for a few ways to infuse your business with magic?

Start a business scripting journal in which you write regularly about your business as you would like for it to be, not necessarily the way it is right now. By focusing on what you want, you attract more of it into your business life.

-Consult a business intuitive. Sometimes it helps to get the perspective of someone totally removed from your situation who can shed insight into your growth as an entrepreneur.

Continuously ask yourself what the  next step in your business’s evolution should be. By being open to the answer in the form of signs and synchronicities, you actively engage your intuition in your business’s everyday growth.
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