Does your workplace promote healing?

energyIf you’re a lightworker working with people one on one, it’s important to look at the atmosphere that you work with clients in. Does it promote healing? Does it leave clients feeling less stressed? Does it foster good feelings?

There are steps you can take to give more of a healing spirit to your work space. Particularly by appealing to clients’ senses.

For example, incense can be used to set a mood. Take Healing Incense by Natural Magick Shop. According to Natural Magick shop, healing incense can be used to consecrate magical tools and “it would also be useful in the offices of any practitioner of the healing arts to support the energy and talents of the Healer.”

Music is another tool you can use to set the mood for your clients. Meditation music can help to relax clients and put them in the right mindset to receive your services. At the same time, music can help to relax you so that you are able to give your all to your clients.

Then there is the power of color. Colors evoke feelings and emotions. How do you want your clients to feel? Do you want them to feel excited and passionate about life? Maybe you go for the color red. Do you want them to feel peaceful and relaxed? Maybe you go for soft pastel colors.

When making any adjustments to your workplace’s environment, don’t just think of your clients’ best interests. The better you feel the more effective you will be when running your business. A pleasing environment will leave you happier when you’re working and will make a difference on all that you are able to accomplish. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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