Does Tori Spelling give psychics a bad name?

toriCelebrities have long been linked to psychics, with reports of them visiting psychics just as everyday people do.  One might think that a celebrity connection would help psychics, since celebrities often have a strong influence on the actions of their fans. But some celebrity connections may be harmful.

News recently broke that actress Tori Spelling would become the new spokesperson for psychic web site Psychic Source. However, most of the articles that are reporting the story depict Spelling as being so broke and in need of money that she’s desperate, hence her new gig selling psychic services.

That’s not exactly the image that a psychic wants to put out there about the field.

To top it off, Spelling has a history of questionable behavior and her financial problems have been well-documented. One could seriously ask, if she’s been using psychic services for guidance, why is her life seemingly such a mess?

Of course, Spelling has her fans, and Psychic Source may feel that there is enough of a benefit in exposing those fans to their services. And that might turn out to be the case. It might be a winning business move for everyone involved.

However, as we watch this experiment unfold, it’s important to think about your brand and what others perceive about your business. That includes paying attention to who you ask to endorse you or speak out about your brand, and the services that you provide. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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