Do your clients have psychic vampire traits?

psychic vampireLightworkers and spiritual healers such as psychics, Reiki practitioners and energy healers are in the business of helping to guide clients through tough situations. As a result, clients often become dependent upon the lightworkers who have in many cases brought hope and joy into their worlds. This can be a challenging situation for lightworkers because some clients may start to exhibit psychic vampire traits.

What is a psychic vampire?

Psychic vampires are basically people who feed off of the energy of others. When you’ve been in the presence of a psychic vampire, you may feel weak, tired, depressed — basically you may feel like your energy is sapped (because it is!) Often lightworkers who have recently started working with a large number of clients may find themselves feeling tired all of the time, and that’s often because they haven’t yet learned how to protect themselves from having their energy depleted from psychic vampire clients.

It’s important to note that in most cases, psychic vampires don’t mean to do you any harm. Forget about True Blood and the visions of traditional vampires combing the streets at night looking for victims. Psychic vampires typically are just trying to feel better and so they jump on anything that seems to bring relief to their life, and in many cases that can be you. Lightworkers tend to be extremely sensitive to energy, so unfortunately this can be a bigger problem for lightworkers than for other members of the general population.

In the case of your clients, a person may develop an over-dependence on psychic readings or an addiction to healing sessions. When a client believes that he or she needs you to move forward in their life, they are beginning to show psychic vampire traits.

So what do you do when clients start showing psychic vampire traits? One thing you can do is strengthen your boundaries. For example, you might set limits to when and how long your healing or psychic services will last. You might also refrain from accepting last-minute readings and sessions. Also use psychic protection techniques to avoid getting run-down by your clients’ energetic imbalances.

Your role as a healer is important. But in order to heal, you must protect your health first.
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