Do your beliefs promote success?

What are your core beliefs about business?

Do you believe you have to work hard to succeed?
Do you think success takes a lifetime to come by?
Do you believe that businesses that are successful must take advantage of customers in order to thrive?
Do you think it’s hard work to find clients and customers?
Do you even believe it’s possible for you to make a comfortable living doing what you feel drawn to do?
Or do you believe you have to compromise on your passion in order to make a lot of money?

If you haven’t stopped to think about your beliefs, you could be unwittingly blocking your own success.

For every belief about business, there’s an exception. Sure, many business textbooks say you should spend anywhere from one-tenth to one quarter of your time on marketing, yet there are business owners who have always had more customers than they could handle and have never had to market a day in their lives.

Yes, we’ve all heard stories of the entrepreneur who survived on Ramen Noodles and worked tirelessly for years before his business turned a profit, but there are also those business owners who followed their passion and reaped the rewards of an idea whose time had come.

While you might not want to assume running a successful business is effortless, it’s just as harmful to assume that you will have to toil and burn both ends of the candle in order to succeed.

In examining your own business beliefs, you might want to create affirmations as a way to begin to shift your mindset about what your business experience has to be. Consider the following affirmations to get you started:

The right clients and customers are magnetically drawn to me.

I am a channel for the Universe so my product/service will naturally find a welcome audience.

I attract an abundance of money so I can afford to reach more people.

The world needs my service and doors are constantly opening to me.

My passion is divinely inspired so it is destined to succeed.

Growing my business brings me joy every day.

In business, as in life, we often get what we expect. When you open yourself to new expectations, you may be surprised by the experience that you can create. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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