Why the customer should not be first

One of the most frequently touted pieces of advice by mainstream businesses is that the customer is always first. I think this is bad advice. For lightworkers (and anyone else), this is a recipe for disaster. Why? Because it leads you to put your happiness in someone else’s hands.

customer firstYour customer does not know what is best for your business.

Let me repeat: Your customer does not know what is best for your business. If the customer is always first, then you will always be focusing on something outside of yourself when measuring your business’s success. You would also be taking actions because of what someone else thinks or feels rather than because of what you think or feel. Isn’t that something that we try not to do as lightworkers who are connected to our souls?

Another reason why the customer should not be first is because some customers will never be satisfied. In the quest to bring satisfaction to someone who will never be satisfied, lightworkers could run themselves ragged and end up feeling quite burned out.

Putting the customer first also means we have the tendency to chase fads. We may do something simply because someone wants us to do it or thinks it’s a good idea rather than because it’s something we would like to do in our business.

Where the Customer Fits

With all that being said, I’m in no way saying that the customer isn’t important. You should definitely treat your customers with respect and make a serious effort to fulfill their needs.

However, the most important person to your business is you. If you are not putting your needs as a soulpreneur first, your business will not be in alignment. You started your lightworker business because you were called to do it. If you lose that inner passion, you will be likely to give up and turn your back on your mission.

customer serviceHowever, the customer does play a role in your business’s evolution. Ideally, you want to co-create your business. The passion and the spark come from you, and you look to your customers to enhance it. You may get ideas of new products or services but only pursue them if they elicit a spark within.

A customer can also help you to make decisions that will propel your business in a new direction. For example, you may decide that you don’t want a particular type of customer, which leads you to start interacting with potential clients in a new way.

If you have trouble following your needs first, or even knowing what your needs are, use inner practices to get in touch with your higher self. Meditation can help you stay clear, and creating a vision board can remind you what’s most important to you.


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