Creating a business vision board

So how are you applying the Law of Attraction to your lightworker business? Have you determined your ideal client? Imagined yourself helping a lot of people and making a lot of money? Vision boards have always been a highly recommended LOA tool. They’re graphical representations of what you want to achieve in life.  To make one, you simply find images, pictures and words that describe the things you’d like to attract in your life and you place them on a poster board or piece of paper. Say you want to achieve financial abundance so that you can travel the world. You might put pictures of money on your vision board, or images of someone traveling in an exotic locale.

Some say vision boards work because they serve as a constant reminder and motivation to keep working toward your goals. Others say they work because they enlist the help of the universe in making your dreams come true. Regardless of the explanation you buy into, a vision board is an exercise in clarity. Creating one forces you to be clear and specific about what you want in your life. It also forces you to think about what you want in your life. We all know that our thoughts create our realities, so vision boards can only help us in our quest to fulfill our dreams.

Now you don’t even need to sit down to cut out pictures and glue them to poster paper. The Web site puts a virtual spin to vision boards, letting you select background music, images and affirmations that you can then view on your computer whenever you want or share with others. If you’ve never done a vision board for your business, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try.
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