Cons of working psychic hotlines

Recently, we covered the pros of working psychic hotlines. If you need marketing help, a psychic hotline will give you a hand by steering potential customers your way. However, it’s important to know that psychic hotlines aren’t for everyone. Whether you ultimately decide to work with a psychic hotline or not, you should have a clear understanding about what you’re getting yourself into, and that means understanding a few reasons why a psychic hotline might not be your best option.

1. You don’t have full control over your business.

If one of the reasons you wanted to start a business was to call your own shots, understand that working a psychic hotline won’t allow you to do that. Every service has rules and guidelines; in many respects it will be similar to having a job. While many psychic services companies will let you choose your own hours, it’s not unusual to be required to work a minimum set number of hours each week.

2. Your clients aren’t your own.

You may do a phone reading and connect with a particularly client. Sure, that client can use your services again — as long as you’re working for that psychic hotline. Many services have psychic readers sign contracts promising that they won’t take any clients away from the service meaning the client base you’re building while working there is for the psychic hotline, not for you.

3. You must split the profits.

While money is likely not your number one reason for doing the work you do, it’s important to the health of your business. When doing readings for the service, you’ll have to share your earnings. If you’re charging $1 per minute, you might take home $0.40 to $0.60 per minute. Some services will start you off at a low rate and give you a greater percentage of earnings if you become popular with callers.

4. It’s not a real growth strategy.

This reason ties in with reason number two. If you ever stop working the psychic hotline, you can’t take your customer base with you so you’re pretty much starting over from scratch. However, a psychic hotline can help you to make extra money or build your confidence in your ability to do professional readings. When you’re ready to start taking your business further, the psychic hotline is a crutch that you will eventually have to lose.

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