What to do when a client is giving you bad vibes

bad vibesHave you ever had a client come to you and you got a bad feeling about them, or sensed bad vibes? Maybe you sensed they were lying, or you felt that they didn’t have your best interests at heart. Maybe you had the impression that they were going to try to cheat you. Hopefully you followed your gut instincts. If you didn’t, you may have found yourself burned — regretting that you didn’t listen to your intuition.

Many people feel guilty about having negative thoughts about someone if there is no logical reason to think poorly of that person. In business, you may feel that you’re being silly. After all, a customer is a customer.

But the value of intuition is that we have access to information before there is a logical reason. We can choose to stop interacting with someone BEFORE they betray us. We can choose not to get into a relationship with someone BEFORE they cheat on us. We can decide not to do business with someone BEFORE they cheat us.

So how can we detect bad vibes?

Note your physical reactions. Sometimes bad vibes can affect you physically. Perhaps the hair on your body begins to stand straight up. Or you might notice your heart beating faster. You might start to perspire or even feel physically sick. If any of those symptoms occur, that could be one way that your body is telling you that there are bad vibes around, and you should proceed cautiously.

Look at others’ reactions. We can also look at how others respond to someone’s energy. Among the most perceptive beings are pets and children. I’ve known many lightworkers to have pets in their workspace. If your dog is generally friendly to everyone yet he or she starts barking viciously at someone that comes to visit, look twice at that person. Likewise, if a child backs away from someone or seems uncomfortable around someone take the child’s wariness seriously.

Note your hesitation. If you’re hesitant to be around someone, pay attention. Don’t force yourself to be around people because you think you should. If you don’t want to return those phone calls or you don’t want to spend time with the person, honor your resistance. Your intuition may be picking up on bad vibes that your logical mind has not yet grasped.

As a business owner, should you turn down the work? That’s totally up to you. You may want to start slowly and tread lightly. For example, take on a session, but don’t schedule multiple appointments at once. You may suggest to the person that another practitioner may be more suitable to their needs. If this client turns out to be a complainer or someone who has a problem with your services, note the intuitive hit, refund them the money and gladly send the customer elsewhere.


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