Need New Clients? Try Citrine For Business Success

citrine business success

Lightworkers know that traditional business strategies aren’t enough. Sure, they may work for your average person. But we have the benefit of metaphysical insight. Why not use it? One way to do so is to look to crystals for business success.

A friend and fellow lightworker recently was stressed about business. She needed new clients. She was taking meeting after meeting with potential clients but she just couldn’t seem to close a deal.

Potential clients would voice interest in her services. They’d wrap up discussions with a deal ironed out. Then, at the very last minute, the deal would fall through. In some cases the potential client would simply change their mind and walk away. In other cases, they’d have a business crisis of their own and be unable to move forward. Then there was the case of the client who signed a deal and then when they made their first payment to my friend, the check bounced.

Here’s what wasn’t working

So we all know the traditional business advice. It’s a numbers game, so my friend should expand her search for more clients. She should reach out to more potential clients if she wanted to close more deals that actually worked out. She should hit the pavement and work harder.

But her goal wasn’t to work harder. It was to work intuitively. And when we follow our intuition in our workplaces, work gets easier.

The idea of spending more time hunting for clients wasn’t appealing to her. Thinking about it didn’t give her a burst of energy. Rather, she felt tired and sluggish. Her logical mind would tell her that she needed to do some marketing or attend some event where she might meet more potential clients. But she couldn’t seem to get up the energy to actually do so.

So she did nothing.

A metaphysical solution

So many business coaches would say that my friend was doing all the wrong things when it comes to growing her business. She obviously was looking in all the wrong places for clients and she clearly wasn’t seeing enough people.

Around this time, we’d been talking about going to one of my favorite metaphysical shops, and we decided one afternoon to meet for lunch and then do a little shopping.

The store has an impressive crystal collection and we were looking at crystals when she came across a piece of citrine. The citrine called her name, as crystals tend to do. After all, we don’t choose crystals; they choose us.

She listened to the message and purchased the crystal. She started carrying it around in her pocket. And she started noticing some changes. For one thing, she was feeling more clarity around her work. She also was feeling more energized. Of course it could have been a coincidence. She could have simply been coming out of her funk.

But then external changes started happening. She started noticing that she was attracting potential clients more easily. She was attracting opportunities where her business would come up in conversation and people would voice interest in her services. And conversations would run more smoothly. And then she started closing more deals. All with this piece of citrine in her pocket.

After a while she couldn’t deny that the citrine was making a difference and to this day she continues to carry it with her when she is meeting with potential clients.

Citrine is a crystal known for abundance. I love it personally and have my own abundance story about citrine. If you’re looking for a financial boost for your business or you’re in need of new clients that will lead to a boost in business finances, consider getting yourself some citrine. What can it hurt? may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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