Cecil the Lion: Using current events to boost your spiritual business

cecilLightworkers and other holistic practitioners can use a number of creative methods to get people talking about their business and exposing the general population to what they do. One method is to use current events as a springboard to raise awareness about your spiritual service.

One pet psychic did this recently. Karen Anderson, a psychic and animal communicator, recently used the uproar surrounding Cecil the Lion to raise some awareness about what she does.

Cecil the Lion was a male lion in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, where he was one of several animals being observed through a research study  conducted by Oxford University. An American dentist and hunter, Walter Palmer, sparked outrage around the world when he  shot and killed Cecil.

Anderson, who regularly communicates with animals that have crossed over to the other side, decided to try to reach out to Cecil because “I wanted to let him know how loved and honored he is,” she wrote on her Facebook page. She says she was successful and then goes on to share the message of love and forgiveness that Cecil the Lion wanted to share with the world.

As a business strategy, Anderson did nothing in this case that she doesn’t do every day with other animals such as dogs and cats. However, by using her psychic ability to glean more information about a subject that everyone is talking about, she successfully received press coverage for her efforts.

While some people undoubtedly will scoff at her claims, there are others who will read the article and discover that they can actually get a pet reading from someone who is able to communicate with a pet who has passed away. Anderson not only has raised her own profile, but she’s educated many people who were previously unaware of the fact that pet psychics actually exist.

How can you apply this lesson? Look for highly-publicized current events that could use your holistic expertise. By sharing your approach and your unique perspective, you can capitalize on the elevated level of attention that the event is already receiving and use it to your — and the entire industry’s — advantage.

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