A marketing tip for spiritual healers

If you’re a psychic healer, a spiritual healer or someone who makes money by giving people spiritual messages, you might want to put in a little extra marketing time this week and next. It’s natural for people to want to get some spiritual guidance at the start of the year, so making yourself available now and offering little incentives for current clients to get a reading can lead to a profitable start to 2012.

Here are some suggestions for ramping up your marketing efforts for the occasion:

Offer a New Year discount. People are already feeling nostalgic and recognizing that the year is pregnant with possibility. A discount can give money-conscious consumers the nudge they need to get a reading.

Provide some insight into the New Year. If you have a newsletter or an email list, send past clients some of your insights into the New Year and how they can deal with energies related to 2012. Share your expertise and remind them that they can book an appointment for more personal guidance

–Set up holiday hours. While everyone else is off this weekend, be available to offer readings when people are the most into the spirit of the New Year. While heightened interest in readings will likely continue in the first weeks of 2012, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be the days that potential clients are likely to be most reflective and in need of a word of guidance.


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