Candle-magick and business intentions

Intention is just as important as action. In fact, I’d venture to say intention is more important than action. If your intentions are not clear, your actions are going to be all over the place and your results are going to reflect that. When you set an intention, you may take some actions to move toward your goal, but more importantly  the Universe conspires to send help your way.

If you don’t believe that, try this little experiment: Set a small intention. Maybe to lose five pounds or to make a new friend or to find a new hobby. Think about your intention for five minutes every day for a week. Note how many times the Universe sends you a wink or a clue to help you achieve your goal. You may hear about a fitness class you’re interested in, or happen upon a group that shares a common interest. You may come across a magazine article that gives you an idea to help you achieve your intention. The point is, intention works if you can wrap your mindset around it.

Whenever I set a new intention, I like to create a ritual around it. Rituals give you a way to focus in on a thought or a belief. They give you something to do to shout to the Universe that this is important. 

Candles are one of my favorite ritual tools. When I set an intention and burn a candle, I imagine that as the wax melts, the Universe is shaking things up in my favor. Sometimes, I burn down a little bit of the candle at a time. Other times, I may burn a candle in its entirety. Once the candle has burned, I know that all is done. My intention will come to be if I move toward my goal and allow it it to come to me.

I typically choose candles that remind me of my goal. For example, I choose green candles for money-related goals, red candles for love-related goals and so on. I also sometimes look for candles that are intended for magickal work, such as these Money Candles from the Natural Magick Shop.

To give your business a boost of focused energy, set an intention and light a candle for it. While you might have many intentions, focus on one big one for this year and allow all of your energy to summon the Universe to work on your behalf. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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