Can past life unfinished business affect your success?

past life unfinished business

Past lives can impact us in a myriad of ways, particularly past life unfinished business. Often, we carry emotions, traumas, passions and desires from one lifetime to another. We may become interested in a particular career or profession because it was something that we did in a past life. Perhaps you were a lightworker in a past life and you chose to become a soulpreneur in this lifetime in order to further that work. It may be part of your soul’s overall purpose.

Just as a past life can shine a light on your soul’s purpose, past life unfinished business can also create roadblocks to success. We might experience certain problems over and over again because we failed to tackle them in a past life.

For example, we may have decided before incarnating in this current life that we want to learn to deal with failure, so we create situations in our current life in which we will fail, and learn how to cope with it. (That doesn’t necessarily mean that every thing we try to do will result in failure. Perhaps, the first time we accept failure, we can move past the lesson to our many successes.)

We may attract business partners into our lives who we knew from past lives, and we may need to resolve something in our relationship, which impacts the success of the business relationship.

We may even attract clients into our lives who we share a past life connection with, meaning our clients may have more to do with unresolved past life issues than our marketing prowess.

Another way that past life unfinished business can influence us is in our fears and beliefs about our business itself. We may be afraid of success because of something that happened in a past life. I’ve heard many people who are lightworkers describe past life memories of being hurt or ostracized because of their healing abilities. If you were punished for being a healer before, might that subconsciously affect your ability to feel free to provide healing services today? Might that cause you to avoid promoting your business or to hide your capabilities to the world?

If you have a challenging situation in your personal or professional life that you can’t seem to resolve, and it recurs over and over again in your life, it may very well be an issue pertaining to a past life.

Having a past life regression session could help you to identify the first time this issue came up for you, as well as the emotions that it created at the time. Just the very act of recognizing the origin of your problem could be enough to bring healing and help you to move past it in this current lifetime. That could help both your personal life and your lightworker business, as well.

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this wonderful article.Past life regression is an amazing tool as it helps us break emotional blockages that are related to past life traumas so as to stop repeating unhealthy patterns in this lifetime. Along with the karma that needs to be solved, we have our life contracts were we have decided which lessons needs to be learned in this lifetime. We not only can regress our previous lifetimes but our life contracts as well.

    Wishing you all the best!



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