Can money bath herbs give your lightworker business a boost?

Lightworker business owners understand the value of using spiritual tools to enhance their business. One such tool you might be open to working with is the use of money herbs added to your bath.

Many people know that water can be used as a cleansing tool. For example, it’s a common practice to use the shower as a means to rid the body of the negative energy of others. How many times have you had a hard day and just wanted to take a bath or a shower to rid your aura of the challenges you’ve endured?

Well you can also use magical bathing as a way to bring certain things into your life. Magical bathing is often associated with witchcraft, but anyone can benefit from it. It involves the use of special herbs, oils and salts in one’s bath water in order to bring about a certain outcome. For example, you may use a magical bath to give you insight into a problem or to bring about healing.

The Natural Magick Shop ritually prepares bath herbs on the best day of the week and the ideal Moon phase to create the intended product. When you get the herbs, you use them to make a tea and then add the tea to your bath water. So how can this help your lightworker business? The practice might give your business’s finances a boost.

The Natural Magick Shop offers money bath herbs that are designed to help you improve your finances, whether you need a quick fix or are looking for better financial days over time. Since the planet Jupiter controls issues related to money, and the day that Jupiter rules is Thursday, the Shop prepares the herbs for the money bath  on a Thursday either on the Full Moon or the week before. Check out the money bath herbs here.

If you’re so inclined to give them a try, you might be pleasantly surprised by new financial abundance for your business. At the very least you may enjoy a relaxing bath. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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