Business spotlight: Lightworkers, Reiki and pets

Terrier Dog  and Cat Sitting on a SofaOne thing I’d like to do more of in this space is highlight lightworkers who have used innovative ways to attract business and market their services. One such example was used by the Healthy Pet Supply and Spa in Biddeford, Maine.

While everyone was busy last week focusing on Valentine’s Day as a day to mark romantic love, they decided to show Valentine’s Day as a day to mark a love for pets, and they used Reiki to do so. They had a promotion in which they suggested that people bring their pet in for a ‘relaxing’ Reiki session as a way to show their love for their furry friend. The Reiki was provided by a local practitioner. There is a lot of insight that lightworkers can take from this promotion.

1. Animals can benefit from Reiki and other holistic services just as humans can.

As pet lovers know, people are very loyal to their pets. By pointing out some of the benefits pets receive from holistic services you can educate pet lovers about new ways to ensure wellness in their animals. Not only is Reiki a good service to offer pets, but you can offer pets massage and even psychic services. Pet psychics provide a very valuable service to those who want insight into the happiness of their pet.

2. Lightworkers don’t have to do it alone.

The Healthy Pet Supply and Spa isn’t in the Reiki business. But they joined forces with a Reiki professional to provide this service to its customers. Partner with other businesses in your community that want to offer their customers holistic services. It’s a win-win for everyone. That business gets to offer their customers additional value, while you can expose a new audience to your services.

3. When others go left, lightworkers go right.

Everyone was focusing on Valentine’s Day as a day for lovers, and this business focused on it as a day to show love for your pet. Think of how many single people there were that were so grateful to see someone acknowledging the special love they have in their lives rather than focusing on the relationship that they didn’t have.

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