Building a lightworker business one block at a time

In Dan Millman’s book, The Laws of Spirit, he says this about the Law of Process:

Process transforms any journey into a series of small steps, taken one by one, to reach any goal. Process transcends time, teaches patience, rests on a solid foundation of careful preparation, and embodies trust in our unfolding potential.

So often business owners become impatient with their business’s growth, looking for the quick hit, wishing for the 1,000th Twitter follower, wanting to fill all client openings every day of every week. But what about celebrating the 50th Twitter follower and the 100th? How about expressing gratitude for having two clients per week, then three, then five? Or better yet, how about celebrating being on Twitter and communicating with potential clients? How about enjoying the process of meeting people and turning them into clients?

When you judge your success by the huge milestones, you overlook progress and process, which are the building blocks of anything successful. A conversation I once had with a former Olympian yielded this advice:

The difference between an Olympian and a regular person is that the Olympian’s stopping point is just further back.

He understood that the focus shouldn’t be on the stopping points, but rather on the process and path of getting there. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


  1. I too am building my business one client at a time. Once i started focusing on that a few years ago, I still have some loyal clients to this day. They not be paying me $5,000 today but at least they can refer me to people who can pay that and more so I do understand that its takes time.


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