How to Build Confidence as a Professional Psychic

There’s a natural progression when it comes to psychic ability. Many first become interested in getting psychic readings. Then they want to learn how to strengthen their own intuition. Then, they may experiment with doing psychic readings for others. At a point, many people consider doing psychic readings professionally, whether as a way to make part-time money or to use their psychic gifts full-time. However, confidence – or a lack thereof – may be an obstacle for some. Read on to discover how to build confidence.

build confidenceIt’s one thing to play around doing psychic readings for friends, but it’s another thing entirely charging someone and getting paid to deliver a psychic message to another person. You may ask yourself, why should they listen to me? Do I really know what I’m talking about? You may even second-guess all of your psychic abilities and that’s when you’re doing a reading for someone who is open and receptive. If you do a reading with someone who is cynical and skeptical, you may even be tempted to throw in your Tarot Cards for good.

However, don’t do that. There are ways that you can build confidence in your psychic abilities so that you begin to feel more comfortable doing readings for others on a professional basis. Confidence doesn’t necessarily come over night, but in time, you can feel better about doing psychic work.

Give free or low-cost readings. I’m usually not a proponent of doing work for free unless you’re doing it for charity, but if your confidence has really taken a hit, this can help you to rebuild it. However, those who receive free or low-cost readings must agree to give you feedback. The feedback is actually more important for you than the money because that feedback will help you to see that you have a skill and a gift, and that will allow you to build confidence and feel better about charging more for the work that you do.

Practice with friends. If you have friends who are also interested in strengthening their psychic ability, have fun by practicing with them. Give each other readings and then give each other feedback.  Go to restaurants together and give your psychic impressions to each other of the different people you see. (While you may not know whether or not you were correct, you may find that the two of you are picking up similar information which can help you to feel more comfortable about the information that you receive.)

Keep a journal of your successes. Every so often, the Universe will let you know that you were right about something. You may have a psychic hunch about something and then have a person tell you some news that lets you know you were right. When these experiences happen, record them. Then, when your confidence is particularly low, pull that journal out and remind yourself how accurate you really are.

Take advantage of trainings. Continuing education is important for every field. If you are a psychic who is growing in your abilities, it can’t hurt to take more psychic ability courses, and if your confidence is low, a course can really help. One course that might make a difference is John Holland’s Psychic Ability Made Simple, available for you to take online at your own pace.

The world is in need of your gifts. If you feel the call to be a professional psychic, don’t let a lack of confidence stand in your way.


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