Attract business to you using the Law of Attraction

attract businessThese days it seems like everyone is chasing customers, trying to get clients to do business with them. But savvy soulpreneurs know that a better strategy is to let customers come to you. How do you attract business to you? The Law of Attraction can help. When you’re in alignment with your higher self and you are clear about what you want, you are a magnet to the things that you desire.

When you’re focused on chasing clients and trying to get business, it’s easy to become reactive rather than proactive in the growth of your company. You’re focused on what potential clients are doing rather than creating products and services that will attract business and appeal to the customers that come to you.

It’s also helpful to remember that people need your business and the services that you provide. Why not ask the Universe to help them find you?

If you’re ready to stop chasing, here are some strategies to attract new and better customers into your orbit.

State what you want. Clarity is key to manifestation. When you’re confused about what you want, you get confusing results. But when you are clear about what you want and you state it forcefully (and frequently), you open the doors for it to find you. Tell a friend that you trust what types of clients you desire, or better yet, expect. Describe their qualities and the quantity you’re looking for.

Refuse what you don’t. You have the right to have a business that fits into your vision. If you don’t want to work on Mondays, don’t accept Monday appointments. If you don’t want to accept less than a certain amount, stick to your ideals. If you tell the Universe you want something, then accept something different, you’re going to keep getting what you accept rather than what you want.

Ditch the desperation. Nothing repels more than desperation. If you think you NEED a client, that interaction is likely not going to go well. Even if you come across a potential client that could result in much-needed money for your lightworker business, tell yourself that even if that client doesn’t pan out, the money will come from elsewhere. (And believe it!) There is never only one solution or one answer to a problem. Focus on receiving the outcome you want, without dwelling on the details about how it will happen.

Express gratitude at your progress. You know the drill. What you appreciate in your life grows. Whenever you attract a new client easily, express your gratitude. Remind yourself that the right clients come easily and effortlessly, and expect your experience to be repeated over and over again.

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