Asking Spirit Guides for Help With Your Business

Spirit Guides and LightworkersOne of the biggest mistakes many lightworkers and soulpreneurs make is thinking we have to do everything alone. We forge through life buying into the belief that we have to ‘make things happen.’ Not only can that be draining, but it can lead to energetic imbalances that cause physical ailments. In fact, it is not unusual for those who take on too much and try to carry the world on their shoulders to suffer back pain. One possible solution to make things easier: Ask your Spirit Guides.

We often think to turn to our Spirit Guides when we’re in trouble, or when we want somebody to save us. However, we can also turn to them to help us with goals even when we’re not desperate. Our Spirit Guides can help us by nudging us in the direction that would be best for our lightworker businesses and for our soul.

If you’re living a life on purpose, you may even find that you have a Spirit Guide whose role is to help you fulfill your life’s mission. For lightworkers who are bringing a healing spirit to the world, it’s hard to believe a Spirit Guide would NOT come to their aid as they sought to help raise the vibration of the planet as a whole.

If you’re wondering what kinds of ways your Spirit Guides can lend you a hand, you should first understand that there is no task too big or too small for your Spirit Guides to help you with. Perhaps you’re wondering how to attract more clients. Or you’re nervous about asking for more money. Or you’re having cashflow difficulties. All of those are areas that you can ask for help with. You may not know what your next step should be. Or perhaps you’re having trouble communicating with a certain client. Maybe you’re in the process of creating a course and you know don’t know what type of content to include.

To appeal to your Spirit Guides, learn how to converse with them. Talk to them. Ask them their names. Noone is telling you to walk down the street talking to yourself. Rather, go into meditation and silently ask your Spirit Guides for help. Don’t just make this a one-time affair. Make time on a regular basis to communicate with your Spirit Guides.

Once you begin that discussion, look for signs and messages. Someone may suggest that you read a particular book. You may open the paper and see that there is a new class on business concepts opening up.

Pay attention to your intuition. What do you feel inspired to do? You may be inspired to be still and do nothing. Don’t tell yourself you’re being lazy. Your Spirit Guides may be telling you to take a time out while external circumstances catch up to where you are.

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