Are you juggling a day job you hate?

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have a trust fund with our names on it that allows us to spend our time following our bliss with no worry about how the bills will be paid. Many of us are doing healing work, but having to maintain a full-time  job in order to meet our financial obligations. If you’re currently working a day job and looking to start your lightworker business on the side, this blog post is for you. I’ll also be writing more frequently about things lightworkers can do to speed up the process of getting their lightworker businesses going enough for them to quit their day jobs. Look for new blog posts in the future under the category “From part-time-to full-time.”

But first, let’s talk about having to spend time and energy working at a job we don’t like when we’d rather be focusing on growing our lightworker business. It can be very frustrating, particularly when we’re making a living doing something we don’t enjoy doing. But that frustration can keep you tethered to the day job even longer. What we resist persists. According to the Law of Attraction, that which we focus on grows and when we’re focused on how much we hate our jobs and how we don’t have enough time to grow the business we want to grow, we make that a reality. 

However, you don’t have to let your frustrations get the better of you, and if you’ve slipped into that negative spot (trust me, I know it well), you can come back to the light again.

-Put your lightworker business first. Your employer may control your paycheck but he or she doesn’t control your heart. When someone asks you what you do for living, what do you say? Do you say ‘I’m a healer’ or do you say ‘I’m a receptionist but I really want to be a nutrition coach’ or do you fail to mention your lightworker business at all? Envision yourself living the life of a healer and know that you are a healer today even if you’re not devoting all of your time to it. When people ask what you do, tell them you are a lightworker. Start living that reality today and it will be a greater part of your life tomorrow.

—Change your perception of your day job. So if you are now identifying yourself as a lightworker, where does that leave your day job when it comes to your perception of it? Your day job is simply funding your lightworker business. Think about if you had a wealthy benefactor who was willing to give you money so you could live and also spread your light into the world. However, we all know that the universe works best when we both give and receive. So it makes sense that we would want to give something for the money we’re receiving that is funding our lightworker business. So we give the type of service that our wealthy benefactor needs. It’s a win-win solution. We share a different talent and the wealthy benefactor (our employer) shares money. Of course we always know that there is plenty of abundance and there are many wealthy benefactors just waiting to give us money if this one stops panning out.

—Do something for your lightworker business each work day. How many days a week do you provide services to your wealthy benefactor? That’s the number of days each week you should spend some time doing something for your lightworker business. Whether it’s working on a business plan, seeing a client, posting about your lightworker business on Facebook or Twitter or developing a product you’re planning to sell, do something for that business every day that you work. The focus on your lightworker business will make it easier for you to do your other job because you’ll see progress and know that you are working toward something that is important for you.

Scale your dreams down to a part-time basis. When you have a business dream, you often want to do everything NOW. When you’re also working a day job, there’s the possibility that you can get burned out and overwhelmed. Balance is key to a healthy life. Even your dreams must be nurtured in balance to the other important areas of your life. Give yourself realistic deadlines to get your work done. Have a plan of action and work on that plan whenever you get a free moment. As the frustration lifts and your overall mindset improves, you’ll find that your lightworker business grows, which will in time allow you the freedom and flexibility to depend less on that wealthy benefactor and turn all of your attention to the business that is in your heart. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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