Are you blocking your growth?

stunt-growthSometimes lightworkers do the darndest things to stunt our own growth.

I had lunch with another lightworker recently who was talking about how her holistic coaching business was growing. She described her email newsletter and how she wanted to continue to gain new subscribers. We talked about the value of having an email newsletter. It allows her to keep in touch with current and past clients and offer monthly promotions. It has helped her to gain new clients when current newsletter subscribers forwarded her messages to their friends and acquaintances.It has provided a forum for two-way communication with her clients when they responded to information in the newsletter. It has provided another source of income, as she’s sold services and products through the newsletter itself.

However, during the course of the conversation she mentioned how the online newsletter service she subscribed to charged more once you reached a certain number of subscribers. So if, for example, the threshold was 250 subscribers, you might pay $19.99 per month for 250 or fewer subscribers and $30 per month for 251 through 500 subscribers.

This particular lightworker needed about five more subscribers to move to the next level and at that point, she would need a more expensive plan. I looked at that threshold as a major accomplishment. Having to spend more money on the business in this situation meant that her business was growing and thriving. It meant that she had more potential clients and more people interested in hearing what she had to say. She had more people who would possible forward her email newsletter to another acquaintance giving her business even more publicity.

But surprisingly, she didn’t view it that way. She looked at it as just another cost — and one that she didn’t want. And she didn’t stop there. She actually started coming up with ways in which she wouldn’t have to pay the additional money. She said that every person who received her newsletter didn’t open it and read it every month, so she would drop some people from the newsletter to make sure she stayed in the less expensive plan.

Do you see where I’m going with this? This lightworker was so consumed with keeping costs down that she was blocking her own growth. Every new subscriber to her newsletter could potentially bring her new business either directly by buying her service or indirectly by spreading the word about what she does. Yet, this lightworker would rather limit the number of subscribers so she could spend less money monthly on her business.

What she said she wanted more subscribers and more customers, what did her actions say about her beliefs? She evidently doesn’t believe that her business will bring in enough money to justify her expenses. She doesn’t believe that the subscribers she has are valuable. (If you have an online newsletter, you’d better believe your subscribers are valuable.) She doesn’t really want to grow because she doesn’t believe that her business will be able to sustain that growth.

Now, what do lightworker business owners who understand the Law of Attraction want to believe and convey to the Universe? If anything, you’d buy that more expensive mailing list plan with the knowledge that you’re going to attract enough subscribers to fill it. For example, I use Aweber for my online mailing list. I can pay $19 for up to 500 subscribers, which is a great deal when you look at all of the features that I get for my $19. For an additional $10, I can send email newsletters to up to 2,500 subscribers. What a message I’d give to the Universe to pay that $29 and show that I KNOW I’m going to attract upwards of 500 subscribers to my mailing list and to my business!

Everything that lightworkers do makes an impact and an imprint in the Universe. Make sure every action shows that you’re expecting your business to grow and thrive. You have more power over the success of your business than you know. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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