Spiritual healers and money challenges

One characteristic I’ve seen in many lightworkers and spiritual healers is a tendency to feel guilty for accepting money for their services.

“I feel like it’s a gift so I shouldn’t get too much money for this,” one psychic healer recently said.

Another lightworker, a massage therapist, constantly allowed clients to owe her money.

“I feel bad turning them away because I know they’re having a hard time and I can understand that,” she said when I asked her why she didn’t turn deadbeat clients away.

While her intentions were good, the consequences of her actions were that she could no longer provide massages to anyone except on a part-time basis because she had to go back to her 9-to-5 job due to a need for money.

A third lightworker, a Reiki healer, admitted that he’s having trouble making ends meet and he knows that his business prices are too low to run a successful business. Yet, he hesitates to raise his prices because “Reiki is my passion so it’s not hard for me to spend my time doing it. Charging a lot of money for something I love so much would be a crime.”

The fact of the matter is the things that you’re passionate about and have a gift for and do well are the things you should be making the most money for. When you’re well compensated and comfortable in your personal life, not having to worry about making ends meet, you have more energy to devote to growing your business, and as I say over and over on this blog, serving more people.

If you’re still not convinced, think about the spiritual principle of giving. If you give, but are unable to receive, you destroy the balance of give and take that is necessary for a healthy co-creative experience.

Your service has value and performing it is an energy exchange. When people pay you for it, they keep that energy exchange going.

If you have a hard time accepting money, consider the following strategies:

-Become a client. Whatever service you perform, hire someone to do that service for you. Would you be willing to pay for it? How much? Seeing your service through the eyes of a client might remind you of its value.

Consider bartering. If you run into clients who can’t pay your full fee, consider bartering with them. They may be able to perform a service for you in return for the service you’re doing for them. Money isn’t the only form of  compensation.

—Examine your money beliefs. Delve into your beliefs about money because your beliefs are attracting your financial reality. Read Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness.





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  1. Amen to this. This is the reason i don’t apologize for the charging people. While there are other ways to grow your business, you have to know your self-worth. I’ve been there too many times to count but no more.


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