Add thousands to your bottom line selling gift certificates

One thing that many lightworkers overlook when doing their marketing is how good of a gift their services make. For one thing, your clients already know how great you are. If they love working with you, why wouldn’t they love to share your services with someone else?

Many of your clients likely have family members and friends who share the same spiritual beliefs that they have and the same interest in healing. Those family members and friends would likely be interested in your services too, particularly since their loved ones are already singing your praises.  But you can’t leave it up to your clients to figure this out. You figure it out for them by letting them know you have gift certificates.

While you should offer gift certificates year around, the holidays are good times to market them. Not just Christmas, but Valentine’s Day, graduation time, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and any other holiday that catches your attention. In your marketing materials, let clients know also that gift certificates make good birthday presents for their loved ones.

You’re basically allowing your client to pay for a service for someone else. Have something physical that you can give them. Maybe they can download a special gift certificate from your Web site or you can email them something they can print out. That way, they have something to physically present to their loved one to represent the gift that they are giving them.

When creating your gift certificates, be clear about how long you will honor them. You don’t want the gift certificates to be good indefinitely. For example, you don’t want someone to present it three years from now. A year is a good amount of time for a gift certificate to be good. The gift recipient will likely use the service by then if he or she is truly planning to do so.

Also, be clear about what the gift certificate is for. Even if you only offer one service, make sure the gift certificate states how long the service will be. It also makes sense to offer gift certificates with different price points. For example, a psychic might offer a 15 minute reading, a 30 minute reading and an hour reading. Naturally the shorter reading would cost less money. That way, you can accommodate more of your clients that have different budget allotments for gifts.

One of the best things about gift certificates is that the money is paid whether the gift certificate is redeemed or not. You get an instant infusion of cash, and you have the opportunity to share your services with yet another person who could in time become a regular customer.
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