A way to make your lightworker business stand out

Looking for a way to make your lightworker business stand out from the crowd? How about offering a special service that few others offer.

massageTake Sonia Page, a Reiki practitioner who launched her Reptile Reiki sessions last weekend and provided her Reiki services to the reptilian pets of those in her community. Page, herself, owns two snakes and a gecko, so her love for the animals is real. She told The Argus newspaper,  “It’s a very calming experience for them. Animals are very back-to-basic instinctive creatures and letting positive energy flow through them lets them get back to basics.”

While there may be many other Reiki practitioners that live and work near Page, chances are few will be providing their services to community snakes. That’s not to say that Page can’t offer her services to other animals or even people. However, the fact that she offers her service tor reptiles makes her business stand out and keeps her top of mind to those who hear about her.

Finding your niche

So how can you find your own specialty that can make your psychic or healing business stand out? There are a number of things you can do to come up with something.

Look to your interests. Just as Page found an outlet for her love of reptiles, you can specialize in something that you’re particularly drawn to. If you love children, you might offer psychic development classes for teen-agers or those who are younger. If you love animals, offer healing services to pets. Find a way to merge your passion with your business and you’ll be happier and likely more successful.

Think about your personal successes.  If you’ve overcome something difficult in your life, perhaps you specialize in helping clients get through similar experiences. For example, if you went from  poverty to abundance, you might specialize in helping people to solve their money problems. Often your biggest gift can be found in your greatest wound. Once you heal yourself, you are even more equipped to be a healer of others.

Look for a need. Sometimes the answer isn’t so much about your interests but rather about what is needed in the community. Your own clients can tell you what you need. Survey them using a service such as SurveyMonkey.com, or ask your clients to fill out a questionnaire when they come to get certain services done. Ask them what other services they need done, or find out if there is another way that you can help them. If there is an area that no lightworker has thought to cover, you might be the healer who is meant to offer that particular service.

While you don’t have to limit yourself by only focusing on your specialty area, it’s good to have something that you offer that few others provide. The world needs healers of all types. If you focus on a unique area that you are drawn to, the clients that need that particular service will find you. The Universe will make sure of that.



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