A way for lightworkers to make passive income

Make money telling your clients about a dating site for Spiritual Seekers.

Savvy business owners should always be looking for new ways to make money. One way to do so is through affiliate programs. These are opportunities in which you make money by referring people to products and services that they might be interested in. When you take part in an affiliate program and someone you refer buys something, you receive a portion of the sale. There are plenty of affiliate programs that lightworkers can participate in. One involves a conscious dating service.

Many people are looking for healthy relationships. SpiritualSingles.com was founded by Jill Crosby and it’s targeted toward the metaphysical community. Lightworkers also target their services to the metaphysical community. There is overlap here that you would be smart to take advantage of.  You do your clients a service every time you introduce them to a resource that can provide some level of happiness in their lives.

Not only does it market to the holistic community, but the site instructs members to create a profile designed to highlight their metaphysical beliefs. It’s free to sign up, and make no mistake, this is no Match.com. The profile asks such as questions as ‘what are you looking for in a partner’ and gives a number of options ranging from ‘marriage to the right person’ to ‘tantric partner.’ It also asks for your religious beliefs, so you can let people know right off the bat whether you consider yourself to be ‘conscious,’ ‘spiritual,’ ‘a new thought practitioner,’ ‘pagan,’ ‘gnostic’ or follow a different set of principles and beliefs altogether. You can also quickly see a potential mate’s beliefs and know whether you’re likely to have a spiritual match.

SpiritualSingles.com  invites lightworkers to join their affiliate program, which means every time you refer someone to the site and they upgrade to a paid membership, you receive 30 percent of the profits. Not only are you providing a service to members of your network, but you’re receiving passive income in the process. It’s free for you to sign up for the affiliate program. There is no risk to you; you’re simply telling your network about a product that they might be interested in. Learn more and sign up here.

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