A sign acupuncturists are in demand

acupunctureIf you’re an acupuncturist and you’re wondering whether you can make a living following your passion, here’s some good news for you. In recent months, even the U.S. military has been looking to hire people like you. Earlier this year, the U.S. Army put out a job listing for acupuncturists. While the job posting is currently closed, you can learn about the position — what they were looking for and how much they were willing to pay. That information can help you to analyze your current job prospects.

The acupuncturist job had a salary range between $69,497.00 and $90,344.00. The job was with the Interdisciplinary Pain Management Center (IPMC) at Brooke Army Medical Center in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Read the  job description here

While this opportunity is closed, it won’t hurt to send your resume to other military medical centers. You never know when they will have an opening. You can also find acupuncturist jobs at Indeed.com.  Large healthcare companies such as Kaiser Permanente and U.S. Healthworks Medical Group are known to hire acupuncturists to provide services to their patients.

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