A lightworker payment mistake

cash-twoWe’ve been talking about payment strategies and how lightworkers can make sure they get the money they deserve. Sometimes it helps to hear stories of what not to do. Here is a story of a lightworkers who learned the hard way that you must set up guidelines for clients to pay you.

*Angela is a remote viewer who lives in Los Angeles. She has been a professional psychic for more than twenty years. However, most of her clientele has been face to face in the Los Angeles areas. In recent years, clients in other states have heard about her from word of mouth and have expressed a desire to have Angela do readings for them. While Angela’s business has grown, her familiarity with the Internet and various technologies has not. She’s not familiar with PayPal, and she’s never seen reason to start accepting credit cards.

Her face-to-face clients can pay her in cash or check, and that’s always worked out well for her. So, she didn’t make any changes and allows clients in other states to send her cash or checks via mail after readings have been done.

Most of the clients that Angela has have mailed a check relatively quickly. However, a few clients dragged their feet and sent payment weeks after the reading was completed. Two clients have not sent payment at all, and one other one claims to have sent the payment but it must have somehow gotten lost in the mail.

Angela can easily rectify this situation. It’s great that her business is growing and she is expanding her reach to other states. The Internet makes it easy to do that. She can easily get a Paypal account which will allow clients to pay her remotely and instantaneously. In fact, Angela should set things up so that clients must pay before they can schedule the reading. While PayPal will take approximately 3 percent of the transaction as their cost of doing business, Angela — and all other psychics and healers — can do their work knowing that they’ll get 97 percent of the money that’s due to them.  If you’ve ever had a client skip out without paying, you’ll know that’s a pretty good deal.

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