A lawsuit that could impact yoga instructors

Young Woman MeditatingYoga instructors make a living bringing their services to such places as schools, community centers and fitness organizations. However, a lawsuit in California could set a precedent that changes that.

On Wednesday, a civil rights lawsuit was filed to stop a public school system from teaching yoga because, according to the lawsuit, yoga  is a form of religious indoctrination. According to Dean Broyles, an attorney for the National Center for Law and Policy, the program “represents a serious breach of the public trust” and it also violates California state law that bans religious instruction in public schools. Also, according to the lawsuit, yoga  “is inherently and pervasively religious, having its roots firmly planted in Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and western metaphysical religious beliefs and practices.”

The lawsuit was initially filed on behalf of a couple that has two children in the school district.  The lawsuit wants the courts to block the program, which is paid for by a $533,000 grant from a local studio that offers Ashtanga yoga classes. The students in the Encinitas Union School District get two 30-minute yoga classes each week through the program.

So why does this legal case matter to yoga instructors and other lightworkers? If the couple wins the lawsuit and succeeds in getting the yoga class dropped by the school system, it sets a precedent that could give lightworkers one less place to market their services.

It also is an example of the discrimination that many lightworkers and those with metaphysical beliefs must contend with on a daily basis. The Salem Witch Trial tragedy is just one example of the countless times throughout history that lightworkers having been ostracized by mainstream religious and civic organizations. Hopefully this won’t be the latest.

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