A Healing Holiday Party?

The holiday season is a festive time when people are making plans to get together. If you’re going to entertain, why not mix business with pleasure? You can host a holiday party yourself and offer mini readings, healings or other services. If you sell a metaphysical product, you can have a table set up so that guests can purchase items as holiday gifts. You can even bill your event as a healing holiday party, so guests know that they can expect to receive psychic readings, Reiki, massage or other services while they’re munching on Christmas cookies and guzzling egg nog.

You can also offer your services to others you know that are throwing holiday parties. For no charge to the host, you can be available to sell mini-readings or holistic services to their guests. The host will have a party that is all the rage, while you will have access to a new pool of potential customers. All the host will have to worry about is providing a private room where the reading or healing service can take place.

While it’s best to charge for your services, you would even benefit from such an event if you donated your time and did readings and healings for free. Why you ask? You’d be exposing more people to your business and your service. Metaphysical practitioners tend to cultivate a loyal following. It’s very likely that you’ll leave the event with a few new customers who will be returning to pay for your services at another time.

And make sure you take full advantage of the gift-giving season. Wherever you go, find a way to let people know that your product or service makes a great gift. Consider creating gift certificates in advance and displaying them publicly so people know they can share your expertise with the metaphysically-minded souls in their lives.

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