A gratitude ritual for your lightworker business

The American Thanksgiving holiday is all about giving thanks for those things that matter in our lives. However, gratitude is in fact a spiritual law that can help us to succeed personally and professionally. That which we are grateful for grows in our lives. As lightworker business owners we can apply this knowledge to create more opportunities for ourselves and our clients.

Often we spend time thinking about how our business can be bigger or better. Or we wonder how to get new clients (those that we don’t have). But it’s equally important to incorporate gratitude regularly — not just once a year — into the successes that we’ve already enjoyed in our businesses.

Not sure how to do that? Try this exercise on for size.

Get a pen and paper.

Write down all of the achievements your business has made this year.

Write down a listing of all of the clients you’ve served or the products you’ve sold or any other evidence that you are providing something that people want.

Write down a list of all of the creative ideas you’ve had this year. Creativity is a wonderful gift!

Write down a description of how good you feel when you’ve made a sale or had a client tell you how you were able to help them.

Write down three things you’ve learned by following your passion and starting a lightworker business.

Write down one person you have inspired this year through your passion for your lightworker business. (Think. There is someone.)

Each time you write something, end it with the words ‘Thank you,’ or ‘I am grateful’ or any other phrase that connotes appreciation to you.

Now, in the next few days, let at least one client or customer know that you do appreciate them.

By incorporating rituals of gratitude and appreciation into your routine, you lift your vibration so you can attract greater things to yourself and your business. And you utilize spiritual law to propel your business. The Universe wants you to succeed. Let it help you.




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