7 Places to Find Reiki Clients

find reiki clients It’s one thing to be a Reiki practitioner. It’s another thing to own a small business. If you want to make a living doing what you love to do you have to find clients who will pay for your services.

Sometimes lightworkers have a hard time embracing the idea of looking for clients and marketing their services. However, the world needs what you have to offer so you should consider marketing as your obligation. After all, how will people know that you can help them if they don’t know who you are and what you do?

Sometimes we attract clients to us. In fact, there are metaphysical steps you can take to attract clients your way, such as visualization and other manifesting techniques. But we can also put the word out about our services particularly in locations where potential clients might be.

Targeting Reiki clients

Before I start listing places where you may be likely to find Reiki clients, I want to emphasize this: You can find clients anywhere. Don’t put it in your head that clients are only in places where lightworkers tend to hang out. Plus, the more focused you become on attracting new clients, the more likely you’ll stumble upon potential clients everywhere — in the grocery store, at the gym, or even at your local Starbucks.

However as you start your outreach and begin sharing information about your Reiki business, here are some places where you might want to start:


More and more hospitals are using the services of Reiki professionals. This article by the Washington Post shows how Reiki has gone mainstream and continues to do so. According to the article: “More than 60 U.S. hospitals have adopted Reiki as part of patient services, according to a UCLA study, and Reiki education is offered at 800 hospitals.” The article continues by saying, “The Healing Touch Professional Association estimates that more than 30,000 nurses in U.S. hospitals use touch practices every year.”


When you think about healthcare facilities, don’t just stop at hospitals. Many regions have smaller healthcare clinics that are built to service the local community. A clinic that’s looking to offer additional wellness services to clients may be open to working with Reiki practitioners.

Wellness and Metaphysical fairs

People are becoming more and more interested in natural healing. As a result, there are many wellness and metaphysical fairs springing up across the country. Consider investing in a booth or table at one of these fairs to introduce members of the community to your services. You have people who are already looking for wellness solutions, so they may be extremely open to what you have to offer. You might even offer a raffle in which people who provide you with their contact information could win a free Reiki service. (That way you have a way to keep in touch with potential customers.)

Yoga studios

Once again, we’re targeting those who are like-minded. People who are into yoga typically are health-conscious and they often understand the importance of holistic healing. They may already know about Reiki and be looking for a practitioner. Some yoga studios have a bulletin board where they let people post fliers about holistic services.

Metaphysical churches

Those who attend metaphysical churches tend to be lightworkers themselves. Not only might you find people here who want to experience your Reiki services, but if you’re thinking about teaching Reiki, you might find potential students here.

Progressive workplaces

One trend I’ve noticed of late: many workplaces are looking for alternative services to offer their employees as benefits. I have a friend who is a Reiki practitioner who had a couple of local business clients that would hire her to work with employees at company retreats. Reach out to the benefits representative at local businesses to see if any might be interested.

Metaphysical stores

Just as you’ll find like-minded people at metaphysical churches, you’ll also find them at metaphysical stores. Some metaphysical stores work with local providers to offer workshops and classes so that might be another type of opportunity to explore.

If you want to find Reiki clients, keep your eyes open all around you. You might also identify new clients by networking with other Reiki professionals or joining a community of likeminded Reiki professionals. One such community is the Reiki Healing Association, which you can join through the Reiki Store.

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