5 things to ask before taking a psychic phone job

If you’re a psychic healer looking for employment, there are plenty of psychic phone jobs advertised all over the Internet. As a result, choosing a company to work for could be challenging. After all, what makes one psychic hotline a better bet than another? When you’re applying for psychic phone jobs, or trying to decide upon the best psychic hotline to work for, you should first look at the terms of what you’re expected to do. Many sites will ask you to fill out an application before they even reveal such crucial information as how much they pay. It’s fine for you to apply in these cases, but know that even if your application is accepted, you should ask the following questions of the psychic hotline provider before taking the job.

  • How much will I make? This is a given. If you’re a psychic professional, or any other type of lightworker for that matter, you don’t work for free. You provide a valuable service and you deserve money for it.
  • Are there opportunities for my rate to rise? Many psychic hotline providers will give psychic healers a raise if they have worked for the provider for a certain amount of time or if they attract a large number of callers.
  • Is there a minimum number of hours that I must work? Some hotline providers require all of the psychics to work a minimum number of hours per week. If that minimum fits your schedule, then great. If not, you should look for a different psychic phone job.
  • Do I have to work certain times of the day? Some psychic hotlines require psychics to work a few hours a week during prime calling hours, such as late at night. Again, this is a matter of personal choice. If this isn’t something you think you’d like to do, then look for another psychic phone job.
  • Can I make more money for working certain times of the day? If money is a big motivator, you might ask whether you’ll make more if you answer calls during peak hours, such as late at night. Some psychic hotlines give their psychics more money for being available at those crucial parts of the day.
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