5 Reasons to Start a Lightworker Side Hustle

side hustle

The side hustle has been around for decades. Remember when everyone sold Avon? A side hustle or side job gives you a chance to make more money while maintaining your central job or career. Some popular side hustles today include selling Mary Kay, driving for Uber and selling products on Etsy. For lightworkers, a side hustle as a healer can be particularly rewarding. Here are some reasons to consider starting a lightworker side hustle.

To follow a passion

Most lightworkers feel driven by a sense of purpose. They don’t choose to become lightworkers; rather they are called to become lightworkers. However, building a business can be an overwhelming task. If you have no experience as an entrepreneur, you likely don’t know where to start. By starting a lightworker business on the side while maintaining your day job, you get to stick your toe in the waters of entrepreneurship as you figure things out.

However, there’s another benefit to following your passion. Perhaps you have no desire to quit your day job but you want to find a way to do something that feels good to your soul. Maybe you were always interested in psychic ability and you took some psychic development classes and now you feel compelled to use your gift to help others. A lightworker side hustle can provide an opportunity for you to follow your bliss without taking too much of a risk.

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To make more money

This is one of the most obvious reasons for many people. Many of us could benefit from making more money. Maybe your day job doesn’t pay enough. Perhaps your expenses have risen faster than your salary. Or maybe you just want to have more financial resources to be able to do more in your life such as travel or pay for a child’s education. Sure you can get a second job, but starting a part-time business gives you more control over your life and your career.

To test the waters of a full-time business

Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss? Do you wonder if you could make a living starting a business as a Reiki practitioner or an energy healer? Starting a business isn’t easy. In fact, studies show that most businesses fail. Before you risk your livelihood starting a business, you might want to do it on a part-time basis to see if you can drum up enough business to make a living.

To take advantage of the flexibility

This goes along with reason number two. If you need more money, you might think to yourself, why not just get a second job? Getting a second job typically means working set hours and having even less time that you can truly call your own. When you have a part-time business rather than a job, you can make your own hours. You also can work many hours at certain times of the year and fewer hours at others. If you have children or a family, you may have other obligations to consider, and a lightworker side business can provide you a way to make money while driving the kids to soccer practice.

To transition between jobs or careers

Sometimes we know that we’re in a job or career that isn’t for us. Say, you hate your boss and know that staying at your job any longer would be bad for your mental health. But it takes time to find a new job. How are you supposed to pay your bills and eat? A lightworker side hustle can provide the financial support you need as you make a transition in your life, particularly if you’re already tuned into a metaphysical community that is interested in those services. You may even find that you have so much success that you no longer need that new job.

Side hustles give you the opportunity to reap a whole lot of benefits without taking as big of a risk. If healing is a big part of your life, a lightworker side hustle can help you take your life in an interesting new way.

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