5 mistakes novice lightworker business owners make

oopsYou’ve been thinking about starting your own lightworker business for years. You’ve finally faced your fears and decided that this is the year to take the plunge. Your heart is in the right place. You know that you’ve found your purpose and your biggest dream is to live that purpose full-time. You can’t lose, right? Wrong. Here are some common mistakes lightworker business owners make when trying to get their businesses off the ground.

They go full-time too soon. Many people underestimate the costs involved with starting a business and how long it will take before you’re profitable. Few businesses start making enough money to sustain themselves right out of the gate. You’ll likely have to depend upon other sources of income to support you and keep the business running until it becomes more established. In other words, don’t rush to quit your day job.

They fail to learn about business. If you’re a psychic, you know how to do readings. If you’re a massage therapist, you know how to relax people’s muscles. But do you know how to reach customers using e-mail marketing? Or do you know how to price your services to ensure that you make a profit? Nobody says you have to apply to Wharton Business School, but it wouldn’t hurt if you took a few business courses at a local community college.

They don’t put up a website. In this day and age, the first place people go to find out more about you is to the Internet. If you hand out a business card, there’s a good chance the person will google you on their smartphone. If you don’t have a website, some people will think you aren’t legitimate. At the very least, you’re missing out on a potential new audience. Not sure where to get a website? Try Dreamhost or Bluehost.

They don’t create a mailing list. Every person that comes across your business or your website is a potential customer. While they may not do business with you today, that doesn’t mean they won’t be ready to do business with you tomorrow, but without a way to stay in touch with them that’s not likely to happen. The minute you create your web site, you want to start a mailing list. (I recommend using Aweber.)

They give up too fast. In our fast food society, we often want to see results yesterday! But come on, haven’t the most valuable things in life taken some time to develop? Think about your most important relationships and even your knowledge about metaphysics. When you start your business be ready to stay in it for the long haul. Give yourself a couple of years – yes, I said years – to get the kinks out and give the business a chance to succeed. The world will be such a better place for it.

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