4 Ways to Publicize your Reiki Business Online

Marketing is one area that many Reiki practitioners and other lightworkers struggle with. It’s not unusual for a Reiki practitioner to spend most of his or her time looking for Reiki jobs online rather than taking the time to do personal branding and build a presence on the Internet.

If you’re looking to build a brand online, you need to let people view you as a trusted expert who can help them with their healing goals. There are a number of ways to do this, thanks to social media and the power of the Internet. Try one or more of these on for size.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is perhaps the most professional of all of the social media Web sites. There is a certain amount of credibility on LinkedIn that does not exist on other social media sites such as Instagram. By showing any healing certifications you have or any major Reiki jobs you’ve done on LinkedIn, you give your brand an instant boost. If you’ve ever done Reiki for a hospital or other medical center, this is where you want to publicize such information. Another useful way to use LinkedIn is to join some of the holistic healing groups — or even groups dedicated to Reiki — so you can find other like-minded individuals.

Blog. You might think you don’t have enough time to write a blog, but when done correctly, a blog can do a lot to raise your visibility among potential clients. Don’t just write about what’s on your mind each day. Instead, think about what your customers would want to know about. You know they’re interested in healing. What can you tell them that will help them to get closer to their healing goals?  Don’t just think of the blog as a source of making money. Instead, think of how you can better serve others. When people find something of value, the money does come.

Facebook. Every type of social media is different. While LinkedIn provides a professional atmosphere, Facebook is an excellent place to build a community. Encourage some of your current clients to like your Facebook page and start conversations there that will keep people coming back. Show your expertise and let people see that you are someone they can trust.

Twitter. Twitter is a good forum for making announcements. If you want to offer discounted services, you might make an announcement via Twitter. It’s also a good vehicle for finding and communicating with others who are interested in spiritual healing.

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