4 ways energy healers can raise their profiles

If you’re an energy healer, you know how to talk about what you do to other spiritual healers. But how do you convey what you do to the clients who may need your services the most? While it’s true that people are becoming more knowledgeable about spiritual healing and other metaphysical topics, there is still a lot of ignorance about how powerful energy healing can be. You know it can literally transform someone’s life. How do you communicate that to someone who has absolutely no knowledge of the virtues of energy healing or even what it entails?

Woman Receiving Shoulder MassageLook to educate others.  Ever notice that someone who is a fundamental Christian has no problem talking about what he or she believes and what everyone should be doing as far as religion and spirituality are concerned? While we’re not condoning that you emulate this practice, we can all learn from it and become more vocal about our beliefs. Often spiritual healers refrain from speaking out about our beliefs and practices unless we’re in a safe space with other spiritual healers. There are many reasons for this. One reason may even be that many healers were persecuted for healing in past lives.  If you find that you’re afraid to share your healing capabilities with others and you believe that your fears stem from persecution in a past life, you may benefit from past-life regression. If you don’t know a past-life regression therapist to go to, Andrew Parr is a past-life regression therapist who created a program to guide you through remembering past life details from the safety of your home. Often people find that  once they understand why they’re afraid of certain things and once they’re familiar with traumatic experiences from past lives they can move past them. Learn more about Andrew Parr and his past-life regression program here.

Host workshops at health fairs. Members of the community go to health fairs in order to learn about ways to improve their lives. Have a table set up at a community health fair where you can pass out brochures and talk to people about what you do and how it can help them.  Emphasize what people will gain from your services. For example, if they’ll likely see a decrease in stress or if they’ll possibly become less fearful about what’s going on in their lives, say so. Let people know what they can expect and how they’ll benefit from your particular service.

Enlist word-of-mouth help. Who are the influencers in your community? Identify local celebrities or those with a high profile and offer them a free service. When they become familiar with their work, they’re likely to talk about it and people will be motivated to try you out for themselves. Be strategic about this.You can also offer free mini-services to professionals that have a lot of community clients such as hairdressers and barbers.

Recommend media that spreads the word. There are more and more movies and television shows that give people a idea of what life is like for healers and psychics. Recommend these programs and films so that more people can become exposed to these concepts in a non-threatening way. Throughout history people have become comfortable with such things as interracial dating and gay marriage because they first saw it on television or the big screen. Media is a great way to give people more of an appreciation for energy healers and the work that they do. For more on running an energy healing business, read Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners and The Energy Healer’s Guide: An Integrative Medicine Program for Self Development and Teaching.


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