4 reasons to embrace Angel Card Reading

Psychic readings remain one of the most popular services offered by lightworkers. For those who work with cards, they may be wondering whether they should switch from traditional Tarot Card Reading to Angel Card Reading (made popular by Doreen Virtue). There really is no right or wrong answer. It largely depends upon which of the two (if either) you’re most drawn to. However, here are a couple of business reasons that it could make sense.

Angel Card Reading may make some clients more comfortable. Some people are afraid of Tarot Cards. There are some who grew up being told that they are evil or tools of the devil. Even in cases where people turn away from the strict religious dogma of their youth, they may still be triggered by images that remind them of messages they grew up hearing. However, even those who grew up in fundamental religious homes tend to welcome the idea of Angels.

Having multiple types of cards allows you to offer more services. Why not let the client choose whether they’d rather have a traditional Tarot Card reading or an Angel Card reading? By offering more services, your business appears more well-rounded, and clients can have a reading that is tailor-made for them.

The images on Angel Cards are often softer. There are certain Tarot Cards that tend to make people uncomfortable, such as the Death card and the Devil card. While you know those cards aren’t literal, clients may still freak out if one comes up in a reading. Angel Cards have much gentler images that are used to convey some of the same concepts.

Angel Card Reading differentiates you from other readers. Going back to the idea of offering more services: When you can give your clients more choices, you automatically stand out from other readers whose offerings are more limited.

While lightworkers understand that there really is no such thing as competition, if you’re drawn to offer multiple types of readings, that is part of what makes you unique. You may also find that learning to read Angel Cards is helpful in your own personal growth and development.

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