4 places to teach yoga if you don’t have a studio

yoga-teacherIf you’ve successfully completed a yoga course to become a yoga teacher, then the only thing left to do is to start teaching. Of course, before you begin teaching yoga, you’ll naturally want to find a group of students and a place to teach. If you don’t have a studio or permanent space for your yoga business, this guide is designed to help you get creative with 4 potential places you could teach yoga.

Find space in a park.
Yoga is all about relaxation and serenity, so what better place than a public park to hold your yoga teaching class? You can choose a shady spot under a tree to hold your class every week, which will resonate perfectly with the tranquil environment you’re trying to create. You may want to talk to the park administrators about teaching a small class to ensure that you’re not violating any rules. Another benefit of doing this: you’re basically marketing your yoga services since anyone who walks through the park will see people enjoying your class.

Lease space in an existing yoga or fitness studio. 
If there is an existing studio, then it’s probably a good idea to lease space every week for an hour or so to conduct your class. This way you don’t have to invest in a studio every month and will only need to pay for the time you use the space, which is the ideal choice for new yoga instructors.

Look into community centers. 
Any place where people gather regularly is an excellent place to start teaching yoga. Community centers often have ample spaces that aren’t used all the time. You can rent out these rooms for a small fee and still have enough space to allow your students to spread out yoga mats without feeling cramped.

Don’t overlook private homes and lawns. 
If you have a student offering their house or lawn for a small yoga class, then you’ll find this location idea appealing –– especially if they offer it without charge. You may even begin to negotiate a deal: Let the student take  your yoga class for free in exchange for letting you use the space. Private homes or backyards are perfect for small yoga classes with a handful of students, but may not be such a good idea for a larger group of students.

You don’t always need a studio to teach a yoga class when you use these tips to find alternative locations.

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