3 ways to prepare your lightworker business for 2017

vortex-grIt’s time to ring in a new year and if you’re like me, you treasure this time for the hope and optimism that it brings.  For so many, 2016 was a tumultuous year, and so there may be more excitement about leaving the old year behind than usual.

There are also new opportunities for lightworkers, as the world has collectively become aware of an intense need for healing.

As we usher in 2017, where do you want your lightworker business to be this time next year? To keep your business growing in the right direction, consider taking the following three steps.

Expand your vision. You should always be visualizing the success that you want to achieve. That means allowing your vision to evolve as your dreams become bigger and bigger. Perhaps last year, success to you was adding five new clients. This year, why not go for 10? If the vision feels uncomfortably grand, you’re on the right track. 

Raise your prices. While we often get stressed out about money, in reality it’s simply a vehicle for exchanging energy. If you’re not comfortable taking money from clients, you’re not comfortable receiving. Increase your ability to receive by raising the price of one or more services that you offer. You don’t have to raise the price by a lot;  just the act of setting the bar a little higher will transform your ability to receive money – and other things that you’re wishing for.

Find one soothing object. Find a picture, a book, a candle or some other symbol that speaks to your soul and soothes you whenever you enter your workspace. Place it or hang it in a prominent place so that you can see it whenever you start working.  When you feel good in your workspace, you are energized and you want to be there.

At this moment, the sky is the limit for what your lightworker business can achieve in 2017. The world needs that gift that only you can offer.

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