3 types of clients to leave behind this year

As a business owner, you are constantly evolving, and your business will evolve with you. Just as in life, you’ll outgrow certain people, your business will at times outgrow certain clients. Clinging to clients that no longer serve you can hurt your business and drain your energy.

While clients will fall off naturally, you can also set an intention to leave certain types of clients behind. Consider saying ‘no’ to these types of clients in 2017.

The complaining client. Some people are hard to please. And some customers may decide that your services aren’t for them. And that’s ok. There is a better fit for that customer just like there is a better fit for you. However, there are some clients that want to buy your products and services, but they also want to complain about them. They’re never happy, and you find yourself going out of your way often to please this client. Trust that you can create a better client situation for yourself.

The client that can’t/won’t pay. Many lightworkers feel guilty about asking for money for their work. So when a client refuses to pay on time or complains about the price, they may simply end up providing services without being compensated. The ability to receive is just as important as the willingness to give. Allow clients who can’t afford your services to find other practitioners whose prices are more in alignment with them. And you’ll free up space for clients who are willing to pay your price.

The client that is too needy. Lightworkers are in the business of healing, and the goal of all healing is to empower others. If a client becomes dependent upon you or your services to the point where that client is draining your energy, that client is not in alignment with you.

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