3 steps to achieving a dream

Have you ever worked hard to achieve success only to discover that you weren’t really interested in the prize? Or do you feel like you’re trapped in a life that wasn’t of your choosing?

JB Glossinger had all of the trappings of success – the house, the car, the accolades, the travel – yet when he was honest with himself he realized that he was living somebody else’s dream.

So he started over and pursued entrepreneurship as a lightworker instead. Today he is one of the country’s premier motivational coaches.

If you know in your heart that your purpose is to bring healing to the world, you owe it to yourself to pursue that dream at all costs. Like JB, you can achieve success and help people to transform their lives.

To get started, Glossinger suggests that you:

  • Write down your six most important values.
  • For each value, come up with one goal that embodies it. For example, if your value is creativity, your goal might be to write a book.
  • For each goal, come up with one daily task that will lead you to the goal.

As you take steps toward your dreams each day, you show the Universe your intention and the Universe works on your behalf. That’s where the real magic comes in.

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