3 newsletter no-nos for lightworkers

So have you decided to keep in touch with your clients and acquaintances through an online newsletter? If so, you’ve made great decision. For more on the reasons every psychic, healer, yoga business owner or massage therapist should start a mailing list and send out an online newsletter, check out this post. If you’re looking for a good online newsletter service or mailing list, check out Aweber, and get a test try of the service for only $1.

Communication with clients is a good thing, right? Except for when it’s not. There is such a thing as bad communication and in some cases you’d be better off not communicating with clients than running the risk of offending them or annoying them or making then have a negative perception of your lightworker business.

If you have an online mailing list, good for you, but make sure you don’t damage your client relationship by engaging in these three practices you should always avoid.

Don’t draft people to receive your newsletter. I don’t care if it’s a client you’ve had for five years or if it’s your best friend Margaret, don’t sign someone up for your online newsletter without their permission. You might think it’s harmless to add your friends. After all, they’ll support you, right? But what’s the purpose of adding people to your mailing list who don’t legitimately want to be there? It’s better to have five newsletter subscribers who are all interested in what you have to say than to have 15 subscribers, 10 of whom you added, who never even bother to read your newsletter when you send it. If your best friend Margaret wants to subscribe, she knows how to do it. And if you meet with a client in person and want to add them to you online mailing list, hand them a piece of paper telling them to sign their name if they WANT to be added to your mailing list.

lightworker-media-blitzDon’t send messages too often. We’re all busy people. Many people (like me) have thousands of email messages in their in-box. Don’t add to the problem by sending emails too often or you run the risk of someone unsubscribing to your online newsletter. There’s no hard rule for how much is too much. This is something that depends upon your clients and how interested they are in the information that you provide. Use your intuition to get some guidance on this, but typically if you’re reaching out with emails and newsletters more than once a week, you might be pushing your like.

Don’t assume content doesn’t matter. Some people send emails and online newsletters just to hear themselves talk, or see themselves type. We’ve all received email that had absolutely no value to us. We weren’t interested in what the person had to say, or the email was simply self-promotional talking about me, me , me. This is a mistake. You have something very valuable to give to your subscribers. They are your subscribers for a reason. Think of what you can give them through the online newsletter rather than what they can do for your business. Give them added value, whether it’s holistic information that can help them to achieve more in their lives or a discount for a valuable service that you offer. Also, make sure you have valuable content to send out whenever you’re sending a message. If you only have something good to say once a month, then that’s how often you should communicate with your subscribers, period.

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