3 Lightworker Business Resolutions for 2018

The new year is always full of promise. It’s like an envelope waiting to be opened or a present that you’re ready to unwrap. However, it is also a good time to look back on the year before and see what is different. Then, come up with some lightworker business resolutions for 2018.

lightworker business resolutionsWhen it comes to business, I’d be willing to bet you’ve learned some things and clarified some goals. You may have a new interest or you may have realized that an idea you had last year didn’t really pan out. Now is the time to look at where you are this year and where you want to be this time next year. Then, get ready to make some adjustments.

While everyone will have different individual goals for 2018, here are some broader suggestions that every lightworker business owner should consider.

Drop One Thing That Is Not Working. We come from a society that often glorifies the term ‘never give up.’ While that is great advice for something that is in alignment with your spirit, it can hold you back if you’re holding on to something you don’t even want to do.

In business, you may have had an idea of doing things a certain way and discovered that it didn’t work. Or you might even realize that you’re no longer interested in offering certain products or services like you used to be. Don’t keep doing things the same way just for the sake of doing them. Instead, check in with yourself and make sure what you are doing still makes sense to you.

Chances are there is at least one thing that no longer resonates with your spirit. One of the most powerful lightworker business resolutions you can make is to dare to drop it in 2018.

Collaborate With Another Lightworker. Many business owners are focused on competition; however, lightworkers don’t really believe in competition. If you’re working in alignment with your spirit, you will be led to do the very thing you were born to do.

Collaboration can help you achieve your goals so much faster. This year, find at least one lightworker who you will collaborate with. You might host a workshop or webinar together. Maybe you barter for services. Or maybe you form an agreement where you will each refer clients to one another. Another option is to join a trade group for practitioners such as the Reiki Healing Association.

Take a Course to Further Your Education. What would make you a better business owner? A public speaking class? A social media workshop? Or maybe you want to learn more about your healing modality or pick up a new skill? There is always more that we can learn and we improve our offerings and our services when we continue to learn and embrace new skills. One of the most rewarding lightworker business resolutions this year may be to do at least one thing to further your education as a business owner. Then, see how it translates into a more productive and successful year.


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